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Artists I’ve look at for my parallel project

Tom friedman – installations, sculptures, site specific, everyday materials ,  etc

Good video:



Kandinskiy’s use of colour


Rudy earnst – action painting, magnification and distortion of objects (painting/drawing), use of variety of materials and media, found materials , scupting, installation) Bauhaus links ( The German term Bauhaus—literally “building house”—was understood as meaning “School of Building”, from wikipedia: ) his website and bio

4.  Russel Scott-Skinner free form artist inspired by Henri Moor

5. Joshue Elias – very interesting OIL paint application, colour pallet and techniques. Abstract with an idea? real physical connection starting with amking of paint itself ( grinding the pigments etc) he’s talking here about the physicality of the process of painting and how the body becomes an instrument , an extension of the brush…. also about painting almost unconsciously .. in a dream state


6. Samyak Yamauchi- intuitive painte


7. Gina Stepaniuk


This artist uses interesting techniques and approach to paint nature – resonates with me and also goes along with idea i had about using my cooking to create colourful and abstract images.

What i find very inspiring in her works is that she finds inspiration and imagery in the world around her and connects with the works through process and emotional connection.


8. Robert Motherwell – abstract, collage, intuitive painting, use of line/colour/techniques; expressive gesture marks; use of black and gesture is very interesting

next videos below have a lot of close ups of his work.


9. Synesthesia – use of colour as expression of seelings


10. aelita andre – abstract, sound/touch paintings

in above video:

Aelita talks about her Sound-Touch Paintings

Published on 3 May 2018

Born out of her frustration that paintings are silent; mute, Aelita Andre was passionate about finding a way to make them express theselves sonically. This led to the development and creation of her sound-touch paintings where she combines touching the entire surface area of the painting with playing the painted and prepared violin and also using her voice, and combining all three into large scale improvised performances. She is now recognised as the founder of sound-touch painting – a revolutionary new art form fusing sound and painting, blending the latest technology with a centuries old art fom to reinvent painting – giving, for the first time, her canvases a voice. Aelita coaxes the sound of birds, oceans, rotating planets and the background radiation of the universe itself from the painting, breathing new life into her art, making her paintings ‘sing’. The genesis of the sound-touch painting was in 2013 during a live painting performance in the US, when Aelita spontaneosly placed a violin onto the painting and began playing it, making the sound of the violin an intrinsic part of the painting and the entire creative process.
11 – Samella Lewis
12 – francis Glenat


abstract expressionist painter Anna Hryniewicz – very interesting how she explains her process

14. louise Bourgeois