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Part 3. Physicality and gesture Project 1 Drawing Blind

Aim: This project designed to make me aware of how the brain works when i’m drawing – by changing the sense that we are translating into physical movement from sight to touch.

Method: choose an object and draw it without looking – instead touch it and draw simultaneously.


To start with i chose a few smal objects and A4 sketchpad. I was not expecting anything but rather allowed myself to explore this experience by being open minded.

The first drawings are of a whiskey cork – it is quite small but has a few different edges and textures/surfaces. I’ve used a 6B pencil and a ballpoint pen and drew the object by placing it vertically, on it’s side and flipped over. I tried to feel the object using left hand and drew using right hand at the same time – in a way it felt like conducting a piece of music – both hands worked in tune.

I’m quite surprised that it has a certain similarity to the shape of the object – i did not really expect it.


Next i used a stapler – this is more linear as i followed the edjes – surprised at how (almost) accurate the shape turned out.

Next i used a small manikin figure placed on it’s side. This was harder as there are a lot of details that protrude from the object. Using pencil first and the soft pastel over it – i think using two drawing implements adds some volume.What i noticed is that first drawing in pencil is smaller than the pastel overlay. I feel that size of the drawing tool end led to larger marks – but not to the overall size, which means that the feeling of touch is transferred to the drawing hand quite accurately. This is a very interesting discovery about how our brain works and directs the limbs.


I also did a few drawings of my face – not really the best self portrait )))) But interesting experiment as a whole. I’ve tried this before on the previous course and also got idea from the book : “Drawing Projects an exploration of the language of drawing”, page 84.

The book suggests drawing for about half an hour but my drawings were done in about 10 minutes each.

I don’t feel that i really connected the feeling of touch with the marks made – perhaps because the result does not look like me, but in a way it was not supposed to be a copy. However I did enjoy this experience of letting go and explore the aspect of left/right hand coordination.

Reflection: How far were you recording the sensation and the act of touching, and how far were you trying to use touch as a replacement for sight?

I think to start with visual memory was creeping in to “help” with the direction, but in a few minutes  – as I had my eyes closed- the sense of touch started to  translate itself into the marks made by the other hand. Using one implement led towards more linear – contour and edges following approach, saying that,  I did try to feel the texture and use pencil/pastels on the side to recreate the feeling of explored surface.

I found this an interesting experiment that liberates the idea of mark making and how different senses could be used together. The main point i got from this exercise is that drawing can be done not only by using visual representation but also through feeling of the object. This allowed for more unexpected and somehow interesting marks to appear on areas that otherwise might have had more rigid and controlled application.