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Project 4. The Human Form

Aim: make a drawing of combined body parts, feel underlying structure and create an engaging drawing that leads the eye .

Couple of sketches of a single hand: (A3)

pencil      watercolour


All the sketches are attached in the A3 sketchbook page 9:

  1. Using a photograph from a magazine – the cropped close up  fills the space better hence creating a better composition arrangement. (A3)




2. my husband’s hand and leg – i like the division here : left is empty “quiet” space while opposite right is a busy area, plus the position of leg going up with the arm/hand going back into the picture  creates a circle for the eye to follow. (A3)


3. My mum’s hands overlapping – the cropped close up fills the space better. (A3)

4. using a manikin – never used one before and found this a bit of a struggle really. Maybe i tried too much here and that is where it got out of hand, but it was an interesting experience.

Sketch (A4, charcoal) while looking at the manikin – only later i have realised that both hand are left – this is because i was looking at mine to draw the fingers…


I decided to crop and scale up an area from this sketch – using A1 sheet and charcoal. While the pose has potencial interest i feel that it did not achieve desired statement.


5. Hands and feet from a photograph, A3 sketchbook page 10, pencil, charcoal. Some of the initial pencil marks still visible 0 i decided to leave it like this to show how the drawing was reworked, personally i like the idea of not toning everything here – it creates contrast between solid background and linear marks.



Overview: I feel that i need to revisit this project later. I’m hoping to practice with a real model rather than manikin or photographs, i think this is one of the reasons that i did not engage with the project as well. Working on proportions and practicing drawing human body is definitely something to consider.