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Parallel Project 1.



Abstraction, enlargement, looking closer/in/out; finding images/motives/patterns in nature/things around; explore tone/colour/shape/space; installation derived from created drawings (such as Assignment 1).


Use different tools, (elongated tools, and electric whisk- interesting patterns). Different media – at the moment inks are quite appealing along with diluted acrylics/water colours.

So as an example – enlarged are of chosen subject/drawing/pattern – large scale linear drawing overlapped with mirror print (?) and toned/coloured using variety of tools and angles. Step two – take this 2D drawing and make a 3D model/installation using wire or other found materials (junk).

The concept here – looking closer at the things around us in a new way – do we really see or just walk by assuming we know it all? Touching theme of environment, nature, over consumption, exploitation of resources, recycling and reusing to preserve the world and prolong life of the planet.

Limiting my language and instead expressing it through work, explore free form art – starting work without preconceived idea and let it develop itself during the process hence exploring inner emotions/feelings etc…

Part 1. Project 3: Changing the scale

Aim: experiment by scaling up an area of an arrangement/drawing to achieve a drawing that suggests a monumental landscape or architecture.

The idea of scaling up is a familiar one to me already as we had a similar exercise on level 1 course. As i remember this was one of the exiting exercises as the experience of finding an interesting area was a way to understand abstraction and explore something from a very different perspective – an extreme close up where detail disappears and a new form emerges.

For some reason i got slightly lost during this project, i would definitely need to revisit this approach and take it further. The overall idea is very interesting especially the possibility of discovery and a new way of constructing a composition.

Changing the scale allows one to experiment and brings a new energy into use of space/composition, also it allows to go more abstract if one wishes – in my case for example , it went a bit too far from the original but  i found this approach quite liberating and can see how it could be taken further through experimentation with support/materials and colour.

I have made a number of photographs of small objects gathered together and later did a few small sketches in pencil ( next time i would use ink pen or a variety of pencils to get a better tonal contrast between the areas/lines).  I tried to crop some areas but could not find ones that felt right.

I did one sketch using charcoal, pastels, ink and a dip pen, water + brush. At the beginning i thought it may look like an area with some buildings or a part of an architecture – but i feel that it did not get there. It looks more like a train and a plain on top of each other…

    (cropped detail)                     ( A3 sketchbook)

  charcoal, pastel, ink



As an experiment i used a sheet of plastic and marker to overlap contours of all 3 initial sketches – the idea was to find a new image. Then i pressed them on to paper while the marker ink was still wet to get an imprint.I liked the result when blue and green overlapped, but think that the last one ( red) made it too busy, that’s why i decided not to use it  for enlargement for now. But i definitely like the idea of this. (A3 sheet attached in the sketchbook to page 8)


another experiment: I decided to choose a picture of the dinner ( stir fry) – i liked the shapes and to a some degree it made me think of the sea and underwater vegetation.

I’ve cropped the image and using it as a guide line drew freely some of the shapes and lines. Wax candle was used to preserve a few highlights – but this did not work , i believe it is due to paper not having enough texture. Using brush i applied water to some areas and then dropped ink to let it flow. When this dried using dip pen and ink i redrew some of the lines and also found new shapes along the way. In some way i actually like this drawing – it reminds me of the underwater plants , so perhaps it could be classed as a part of the seascape. ( Sketchbook A3, page 9)


Taking this a bit further I’ve used similar approach on a larger paper ( A1) – charcoal first to apply initial areas/shapes, followed by white oil pastel ( not really visible at the end). Whole paper was moistened using a spray bottle and ink was applied – it did not work in the same way as on a smaller piece so i had to paint the areas rather than drop the ink. Using dip pen i added some linear elements and shapes. Acrylic paint was applied using a roller – to get hit and miss effect.  I’m not that happy with the result – the dark/light balance seems a bit off and perhaps it is a bit too busy in places. Saying that i like the texture mark achieved by the roller in combination with flat dissolved ink and harder lines.

There are a few interesting areas that could be cropped out, i think they could be imagined as a part of a landscape: (for example)