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Part 5 Overview and review against assessment criteria


For the final part of the course i have started to focus more on a parallel project and Critical Review. I feel that one is informing another and helping to gather thoughts for the future projects and my practice. I am still experimenting in order to find best ways of expressing my ideas , some thing that i would of been afraid of doing in the beginning seem a lot more exiting and eye opening. Time seems to fly and i need to find better ways of organising my routine to make sure i can put everything together in a best way possible. I am planning on reworking some projects and changing a few works.

The course as a whole was very different from previous experiences but it allowed me to look at things in a different manner, explore more angles and ways of working, experiment, explore, be more aware and enriched my knowledge of the Art world as well as Artist’s practices.

Using thin gathered knowledge and finding my own voice and way of expression is the main priority. Parallel project is helping towards this journey. I have some more research to do and bring it all together but i feel that there has been a big change in me and my approaches, ways of thinking and critiquing myself. The progress i find important is that I understand now – research is as important as the practice itself. One inform another, leads to new ideas, investigation and is an ongoing process regardless of how “successful” of “finished” the work is at that particular time. I feel much more open to change and development, taking risks and building my own road to the future practice, seeing everything as an opportunity for growth.




review against assessment criteria

  • Demonstration of technical and visual skills:  Materials, techniques, observational skills, visual awareness, design and compositional skills

I’ve continued to experiment and found a few new ways of application, use of materials and combinations. Composition skills are improving but i need to find a way of bringing idea , design and process together to get a more visually impact-full combination, perhaps consider cropping or rotating the work to find a different angle.

  • Quality of Outcome:  Content, application of knowledge, presentation of work in a coherent manner, with discernment. Conceptualisation of thoughts, communication of ideas.

i feel that quality sometimes not exactly as i wanted it to come out but i am learning on my mistakes and prepared to refine what is possible and take any criticism on board. I hope that the overall ideas are coming together and i am putting them forward in a coherent manner.

    • Demonstration of creativity: Imagination, experimentation, invention, development of a personal voice.

    I have continued to experiment and feel that my voice or the way i would like to continue is emerging, i’m looking for a personal language that would allow me to express the inner feelings as well as explore the nature around me.

    • Context: Reflection, research (evidenced in learning logs) critical thinking (evidenced in critical review).

i have been more critical and tried to express my feelings during the process and in the log. The work in this project was connected to the parallel project and helped to inform the critical review. I’ve tried to be more aware and feel that it is all coming together.

Assignment 5

I like the visceral quality of drawing/painting – the connection between my hand, my mind, the medium chosen and support. And when this connection happens it feels like magic – it takes me into a different world. The process of doing becomes a new reality – thoughts spill out onto support and begin a life of their own. Big part of the process is a pre-work – i tend to think of ideas for a long periods, a lot of the times abandoning it because i loose an interest or connection with it – it dissolves in time. When i come to work i tend to work quickly allowing myself to engage with the making, trying to be connected with the process and express the moment onto support. As in my parallel project – intuitive painting/drawing, finding images and projection of inner thoughts/memories/feeling i decided to work on a piece that will emerge as the time goes by and create itself through me.

I find it exiting to not know what the piece is going to be – even if i do some sketches prior i tend to follow the materials and how i feel at the moment of working on a piece. For some drawing is a s process of replicating every detail  , but for me even when i just started drawing/painting is a way to express my feelings.

Just to mention – i have initially planned to monitor growth of Japanese knot-weed that i see on my dog walk. I started taking photographs of how fast it was emerging. The reasons i decided not to go with this – one is because it has been poisoned ( not for long though) and also i was not being able to visit the place for some time; another reason is because i could not figure out how to present/capture and develop this idea into something bigger at the moment.

Another project idea: last year we cut some wood for the log-burner, and the patters inside sometimes are just wonderful. I put a few pieces aside and started taking pictures of them in order to record how the surface will change over time. I am quite interested in the natural change/decay and drying out of wood/plant surface. I was collecting pictures since august last year, and uploading them onto my PC ….. last month my PC stopped working…  here is where “should have backed up all your files” really means a lot. Anyway, i somehow found one of the first pictures ( first below) and did a few today – the biggest change is visible on the last one on the right. It is exactly one year and 2 days between them.


I’m also growing an avocado tree – well, it is still just a seed with only a small root. I am photographing it as it is growing – really fascinating process, slow but unusual to experience. here are some pictures as it is at the moment. I’m updating them as it is growing. It is an image Drawing.


Drawing: Food inspired …


Thinking how i can connect time i spend on a drawing project and time i spend on something else i arrived at the idea of combining both.

I cook everyday – this takes time during the preparation, cooking, eating, washing up and of course deciding on what to cook in the first place.  Being Vegan myself , most of my food has a lot of colour and even though in general a lot of ingredients are the same i do try and vary the diet through variation and invention of new recipes when possible.  Because of this i do try and take photographs of ones that we enjoy the most or ones that just look pretty on a plate. As a result i have collected quite a few photographs of our meals.

The aim here is not to show what i eat but use it as a source of inspiration, the shapes the colours and of course the time i spend on it daily. I’m hoping to use shapes and information the subject provides to inform the drawing.

To make it as a time project I decided to make sketches of some of the meals and then create a larger drawing that  will be a combination of these sketches, time spent on both and a record of food i eat – i am planning to make it more abstract than straight forward at the end though. I do not have a million recipes, as we tend to come back to the ones we enjoy on regular basis, but definitely have enough to create a variation of sketches.

I decided to make the sketches quickly – same time as it takes to eat the meal; and then spend more time – similar to how long it takes to prepare the dish – on reworking it, and transferring on to the larger piece. Time of decision making and washing up will be used to decide how to put it all together at the end.

Main idea here is not to produce an exact replica of the meal itself but to capture it as a spontaneous response to the visual image and memory of taste experienced. Also the changes that go through food itself.

I’ve tried to use support ( paper, card etc) and materials suitable for the meals’s properties – for example  brown card for the Wraps sketches as the texture and colour is quite similar to the wholewheat wraps that were used, dry pastels – as flour, inks – thick sauce etc…

The aim here to get a collection of images that will work as a source for a final more abstract drawing for the Assignment.The sketches themselves , at this moment i am hoping to organise as a book. I decided to add frames to the sketches – “portionalise” them.



The Larger Drawing : “Cooking a Drawing”

A1 sheet of cartridge paper. As i was doing sketches i started to think how to bring them together into a one image –  using some of the sketches to construct it. I used carbon paper to trace my sketches ( outlines and transfer them onto the A1 sheet. Randomly but keeping in mind the composition arrangements and shapes juxtaposition. Starting with linear drawing and then build it up towards … Here is the pause – towards what? In line with my parallel project ( abstraction, found images etc.) i decided to allow the process lead me towards the result.

As i was working on sketches , parallel to that , i started to add elements to the larger drawing – things i found interesting from sketches , for example ink line and wash in places, glitter etc..

Using real food ( mushroom, peppers, herbs) : i wanted to add some real colours and shapes to the drawing, after slicing some veg and herbs pieces were placed onto the paper and then a piece of plywood with weight on top to get an imprint, hopefully.

There wasn’t that much of an imprint , just some colour and shapes in places. After some thinking, few more sketches, i was still looking for   – how to make this connected to time elapsing ?

Food has to be grown, picked, prepared for cooking, cooked, eaten, digested and so on…. So it changes quite a bit from small to pretty and then disintegrates in a way, but it does leave an imprint…

So i decided to carry on with “cooking” the drawing – usually i get a few products then decide what to cook, or chop them and then ideas come along.

Here i used mushrooms to leave prints of the underside moving them around to fill the space where i thought it would be appropriate( i use mushrooms  in a lot of meals). . As they dried the print started to fade but it was leaving lovely marks on paper.

Next i used ink pen to add some lines/ marks all over the paper and applied a wash to release the ink. I drew pencil outlines around peppers – by now they started to dry a bit but still had some moisture inside.

Using a kitchen hammer i smashed the vegetables in order to release some colour and replicate the eating process of chewing as well as dissolving of the product in time. Firstly i liked the colours as they were on the paper, second they were drying but not releasing much staining, plus the next step after prep would be eating i.e. mashing the substance.

I’ve peeled the plastic sheet off, added some gold glitter glue in places – this replicates the oils in dishes and that are left on the plates after eating – and then left it to air dry. I must say it smells delicious in here )))

So far the meals on the drawing contain most of the main foods/dishes/variations – snacks/light meals ( salad, rolls), main meals ( soup, pastry, stuffed veg) and dessert ( fruit cake) – I might add more , but at the moment decided not to over-complicate the image with too many objects.

At the end it is about time and changes and not quantity of objects.

The juice from smashed veg distorted the under drawing – i like this, as it helps to show the change that food goes through, as well as the messy plates after the meal itself.


Each layer had to dry before fixative was applied, dried, then binder over. At least a day for each layer – in a way this corresponds with the time elapsing between Cooking the meals and “cooking the Drawing” – just to mention here i cooked exact same meals for the duration of the drawing ( there were more meals in between, but they did not made it to the drawing itself).

I added green – as a contrast to the rest of the pallet plus to symbolise the beginning stage of the plant life itself; silver paint, white spirit, sticks and plastic was used to add more texture and symbolise the washing up process/time.


This was quite a challenging assignment but I’ve tried to continue the experimentation and combine it with time, process through the use of materials as well as the literal duration of making.

What i liked about this project is the way i approached the chosen subject – it would definitely be totally different at the beginning of the course. I believe that decision to use the literal time engaged with the idea and subject matter fits with the suggestions of this assignment.

The finished drawing can be viewed as a conveyor or melting pot that is changing and moving continuously – as the repetitive process of cooking and change of the food items themselves. Plus I believe it is going to be changing – smashed vegetables might still change colour in time.