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Final selection of work for assessment

During hangout review with the tutor, we have went through all the works so far and below is the selection that i will send for the assessment. As we noticed in the guidelines there is no specified number of works to be submitted but in general i have too many at the moment so some works will remain on the blog but will not be sent. All of them can be seen in the video installation.


As my parallel project was closely related and inspired by the course as a whole, all works create a cohesive submission that will complement each other and will make a final body of work.

Link Below is a Power Point Presentation of the submission and installation videos/photos/, it will be uploaded onto the Gdrive

Drawing 2 presentation

Parallel project works post with Installation videos and all the works together can be viewed on this link


This is the list and descriptions of works to be sent as a group:

  1. Works from part 1 Assignment 1 and a sculpture 2 that was inspired by them. The sculpture will not be sent due to size and weighing restrictions.

Link to the post:

Video of them together as triptych Drawings and sculpture2)

Printed drawing from part 1 project 1 as part of the supporting works

Link to the post:




2.  Assignment 2 piece “Agapanthus” as part of the supporting works that inspired a piece for the parallel project – sculpture. Video of the together is below. Sculpture will not be send as it is quite fragile for packing.

Link to the post :


3. Part 3 – Physicality and gesture – Works that inspired Sculptures “free Forms” (Parallel Project)

Reworked pieces for statement 2. Project 4 and Assignment 3 drawing 3  as part of the supportive works for parallel project sculptures – free forms

Link To the post Part 3 Project 4 ( first drawing)

Link to the post Assignment 4 (second drawing)

Link to the post about Reworking the pieces and making of the Sculptures “Free Forms”

Canvass “found images” drawing of my shadows over a period of time ( 75×75 cm); also part of work for Parallel Project and inspiration for sculptures “Free Forms”

Post with an entry about drawing below


Superimposed sculpture “Free Forms” in the landscape – part of the parallel Project Found Images – sculptures will not be sent due to fragility and weight restrictions


Video of sculptures “Free Forms” – Part of the parallel project Found Images; inspired by the drawings from Part 3 Project 4 and Assignment 3


4. Part 4. Project 1 Drawing “found images”



Parallel Project Sculpture 1 Inspired by assignment 4 works and drawing by Leonardo da Vinci. Sculpture will not be send as it is too heavy for posting. Below are superimposed sculpture in the landscape ( will be sent printed out A1 piece) ; photographs from different angles and a video

Link to the post – starting point

Link to the post with finished sculpture –



5. Part 5:

Abstract intuitive paintingnatural shapes ( canvass) – Part of works from parallel project “found Images”

Link to the post

two small canvasses – as a supportive group for the “found images” – parallel project; works in progress

Link To “faces”

Link to “Leaves”

Drawing/Paintings – found images , animal shapes. Watercolour paper with another “found images” piece ( this watercolour sheet was used in the same project as the “dogs”). Both attached to the same A1 card – Part of Parallel Project

Link to the post

Abstract intuitive painting – Day and Night ( canvass) – part of parallel project and work from part 5 Project 4

link to the post

An Artist’s Book – part 5 project 2, as work of its own as well as a supportive work for Parallel project

Link to the post


Time and the viewer (ongoing work) part of Part 5 project 4 Time and the viewer and part of works for Parallel Project

Link To the post

Assignment 5 Piece “Cooking a Drawing”also is a part of the Parallel project with supportive preparatory drawings of meals.

Link to the post




Below is a gallery of works to be send apart from sculptures





What to submit for the assessment – course works

Video of all works together


Part 1:

“Printed Drawing” , Part 1, Project 1 Assignment 1, Drawing I  Assignment 1, Drawing II

Parallel Project Sculpture Inspired by Assignment 1 works



Part 2

Assignment 2: Drawing “Agapanthus”

Cropped Drawings, as discussed with tutor. : Poppies, Chives and my dog. ( they will be fully attached before sending and or cropped further); they all on white card but due to lighting appear different. i’ll make more pictures at the end.

Parallel Project Sculpture Inspired by Assignment 2 work



Part 3 – Physicality and gesture

New drawing based on statement 2. Project 4 and over-painted finished drawing.

Assignment 3 self portrait, reworked

Assignment 3 drawing, reworked

Sculptures inspired by marks from this part

superimposed one of the sculptures in landscape



Canvass “found images” drawing of my shadows over a period of time





Part 4

Sculpture( on its own)


Sculpture in the landscape (superimposed)



Photographed assignment 4 ( initial installation piece) close up with shadows, representing the horse in distress when it is in captivity ( cage) :

Project 3. Shadow of Roses

Project 1. “found Images”


Part 5.

Sketches for assignment 5

Part 5. Project Time and the Viewer


Assignment 5 – “cooking a drawing”






Assignment 1 and Parallel Project sculpture 2

The sculpture was made as part of the Parallel Project (intuitive/ found images) .


Using Assignment 1 drawing and preparatory studies i have made a new sketch that combines all off the above using line to create a shape.  This shape was used to make a 3D “drawing” using some wire that was attached to a cut slice of wood – the shape of the wood was chosen as i feel it benefits the overall structure ( irregular and in a way that mimics some of the angles);  then i used plaster mix and newsprint to build it up, working slowly in order to retain the shape without collapsing. During the process i had to support the structure using wire attached to the ceiling, also  strips of hessian was used for extra support and to get some texture – I deliberately left some of it showing even after plaster of Paris was later washed over. After the whole shape was build and let to dry i used diluted mix of plaster of Paris and a large brush structure was covered to make it white as i wanted in the beginning.

As an idea the sculpture envisaged to be much larger – perhaps 20-30 feet – so people could walk beneath and around it as if between large trees, and when the gaze would be directed upwards the connected circle would create a window to the sky and help to connect the viewer with the space by creating a boundary for the eye ( as if sky was “falling” on to the person or a personal window to the above etc). This is why i wanted the structure to be white – it will reflect the colours around it but still creates breaks/borders/edges between spaces and the views.

Below are the pictures of working process and different placements – using white/black background, a manikin, and infront of the two Assignment 1 pieces.


Short video ( this may be changed ) with the sculpture on a rotating tray: