Project 2. Interacting with the environment

Project 2. Interacting With the environment

Most of the interactions/drawings/installations are temporary but i quite like this idea of fleeting moment and immediacy. Also ones that are there to stay will disappear or become part of the environment once again. I do not think that they will be noticed as “drawings” by others but it was an interesting experiment to go through. There were other ideas but in order not to damage anything they were left for later perhaps. also some of the thing would require more than i could do alone.

Using shells on the beach

here I’ve placed shells in a shape of a jelly fish ( only the body) but on mass. Inspired by a group of them laying together on the sand. My dog helped by leaving a paw print next to it.

shells jelly fish


Foot Prints – here i have “collaborated” with some birds ( i hope they do not mind) – i wanted to add to the prints seabirds left by leaving my own foot prints next to them ( bare foot and my walking boot). Interestingly bare foot print looks larger than when in boots.

Almost standing on a jelly fish – this is a “not actually” happening interaction only in imagination


Standing in a water and watching it making a drawing as it run around my static feet. To make the interaction a static drawing i chose to do a photo rather than a video – capturing the moment before it flows away. Second photo is standing on floor tiles – their pattern resembles  water ripples.




Platting grasses along the fields

I had an idea of creating a line of platted grasses along the edge of the field where I go for a walk. The grasses are dry now and quite fragile, so it was a slow process, unfortunately I had two dogs with me and they “helped” by breaking most of the pieces. Anyhow, I enjoyed the process and a few dog walkers commented that it is an interesting idea and it looks “intriguing”.  even in a week’s time there were a couple of them still standing they blended in to the rest of the grasses, but I could still find them. 


I did more over a period of time in different places, some of the still standing even after a few weeks. I think they blend in with the background trees – resembling shapes and still bare branches. It was quite hard to get a photograph  i wanted so i did a small video  ( dogs helping as usual) of the Trio of Grasses, (few weeks later two are still there).




Sounds of Walking – here i physically interacted by walking on different surfaces, in a way as a temporary “drawing” using motion and sounds.  I have tried to walk at different times of day and year, at different pace and wearing different footwear. A Few videos, below:


  1. Morning walk – only sounds of birds, my dog next to me, my feet touching the ground. Part of Interacting with environment art project (6th august 2018)
  1. Sounds of walking (on grass 2nd walk)
  2. Sounds of walking, two people,
  3. Sounds of walking, two people
  4. Sounds of walking on frozen ground
  5. Evening walk – sounds of garden, distant road, my feet touching the ground.
  6. walk on gravel in the dark, no visual
  7. walk in the dark while raining, trying to walk not in a straight line – as if i was loosing balance and making variaty of walking steps
  8. walk on gravel in the dark
  9. walk in the dark , making different noises with my feet
  10. fast morning walk on grass


A small “found pieces” installation on a fallen tree trunk. Just a few bits i found laying around this tree. Smaller pieces have fallen down since but the roof tile and the straw is still there after a few weeks.


While walking on the beach i have made a small “drawing” using a dead crab. It’s colours attracted me and i have placed it in a position of a sunbather laying on a towel, thinking back i probably could have placed a tissue or a piece of material under it for a greater likeness . It took a few crabs as they very fragile and kept braking. I like the juxtaposition of brightly coloured shell with grey stones. I’m sure no one would really think that this one was places by a person as there always something after a tide.







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